Rock Island State Park – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Rock Island State Park is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and nature. This park is magnificent for camping and fishing, but it’s important to know the water depths are unknown because of potential currents. Some of the most beautiful cabins available are in this park, along with the many campgrounds. So let’s start to know about Rock Island State Park hiking area and campground map.

Rock Island State Park

Rock Island State Park-All You Need to Know Before You Go
Rock Island State Park-All You Need to Know Before You Go

Rock Island State Park spans 883 acres and so beautiful where Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky River meet. Rock Island has been a public park since 1969. The gorge here offers beautiful views to see waterfalls and rock trails for hiking and exploration. This is the main place for free boating and attracts bathing enthusiasts from all over the world.

The rugged beauty of this park includes the candy fort gorge, below the Great Falls Dam with multiple overlooks that are some of the most scenic and significant along the eastern Highland Rim.

Hundreds of waterfalls, deep pools and limestone paths are perfect for hiking swimming fishing, kayaking and exploring come by the visitor center for all of your shirts hats, stickers and other park merchandise.

This is the kind of park that will occupy your entire time during your vacation season. The number of amazing places nearby and in this park is all you need for your vacation.

Rock Island State Park Map

Rock Island State Park Map 900 acres. Rock Island State Park comprises a forest island in Lake Michigan, located off a peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin. The landscape includes limestone cliffs, some rocky shorelines, and a sandy dunes beach.

Rock Island State Park Hiking

What are the best trails at Rock Island State Park?

You can enjoy 8 hiking trails at Rock Island State Park. You will see the great blue heron, wildflowers, and waterfalls while on the hike.

What are the 8 hiking trails?

Rock Island State Park has five overlooks and eight trails for you to enjoy.

Well, you can choose the one you like.

rock island state park hiking
Rock Island State Park Hiking

Hiking Trails

  1. Collins River Nature Trail — 3.0 Miles (Natural)
  2. Downstream Trail — 1.7 Miles (Natural)
  3. Bluff Trail — 1.7 Miles (Natural)
  4. Eagle Trail — 1.4 Miles (natural)
  5. Moonshine Trail — 1.0 Miles (Natural)
  6. Old Mill Trail — 1.0 Miles (Roky)
  7. Upstream Trail — 1.0 Miles (Natural)
  8. Blue Hole Trail — 0.5 Miles (Roky) and

1. Collins River Nature Trail — 3.0 Miles (Natural)

*The Collins river and the Collins river connector loops are two and three-mile moderate loops along the Collins River Peninsula.

2. Downstream Trail — 1.7 Miles (Natural)

*The downstream trail is a 1.7 mile, moderate lollipop. That departs from the Twin Falls overlook and continues along a very steep Bluff line bordering the river along this trail. You will also find the Little Falls.

3. Bluff Trail — 1.7 Miles (Natural)

*The bluff trail is 1. 7 mile mark for hikers and bikers this wooded lollipop trail begins and ends at the tennis court parking area With an overlook of the beach.

4. Eagle Trail — 1.4 Miles (natural)

*The Eagle trail is a one on one quarter, mile moderate trail, leaving from area 3 going downhill to badger, flats or uphill from badger flats to area 3.

5. Moonshine Trail — 1.0 Miles (Natural)

*The moonshine trail starts near campsite 39. It is a one-mile moderate trail that passes by the base of an old cistern where moonshine still once was the big boom cave is located in Van Buren, County Tennessee. This is a 334 acre protected State Natural Area managed by the Rock Island State Park.

6. Old Mill Trail — 1.0 Miles (Roky)

*The Old Mill trail is one mile wet Slippery rocky and strenuous. It departs from the old mill picnic area at the bottom. You can go left along the gorge shelves or right we’ll. Take you to the base of the Great Falls. Hikers can rock hop or swim at their own risk in the gorge.

7. Upstream Trail — 1.0 Miles (Natural)

*The upstream trail is a one-mile light to moderate trail. That departs from the Twin Falls overlook parking area popular swimming spots, passing through stalactite and stalagmite formations, on your way to the wormhole, a Popular trail for those with walking and climbing limitations.

8. Blue Hole Trail — 0.5 Miles (Roky)

*Multi-Use trails for hiking jogging and mountain biking, The Blue Hole trail is a 1/2 mile rocky steep rugged strenuous and slippery trail that runs down a windy, slope and extends into the gorge. These wetlands are fragile, so please tread lightly.

Rock Island State Park Camping

Rock Island also has two campgrounds, one for tent only and a rickshaw area. The tent-only campground is far and comfortably with no concerns about generator sounds and more. The main campground with RV sites is spacious and offers a volleyball court, playground, multiple bathrooms with toilets, and disabled access.

What To Look For When Booking Camping Resorts Near Lava Beds National Monument


Spending several days in the park is the best way to truly experience the area; There are many ways to enjoy your day inside the park, and it provides you with an essential camp for exploring other nearby areas where there is no camp. Within an hour of camping, you’ll find Burgess Falls State Park, Lost Creek, and Cummins Falls State Park.


Adopt the beauty of nature while walking through the stunning Rock Island. Go to a delightful log cabin for blissful solitude or go on an adventure with your family and friends. Rock Island weekend hiking, getaway for biking, fishing, and exploring with your partner in a mountain cabin, or book luxurious seclusion in secluded cabin rentals with no thought. It’s time to pack your hiking boots and get ready to experience the great outdoors close to your perfect Rock Island cabin.

If you wish to park your RV off-site, you can stay in one of the 10 cabins located near the sandy shore of the Caney Fork River. These cabins contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It features appliances, a microwave, a coffee machine, cooking utensils, dishes, and linens. You can also use a fireplace with gas logs, a charcoal grill, a DVD player, and a TV set in the cabin. Two of the cabins are pet-friendly.

Rock Island State Park Fishing

First, if you want to enjoy fishing in Rock Island State Park you need a valid TN Fishing license.

The fishing spot in Rock Island State Park is Center Hill Lake’s Blue Hole. You can go with the boat launch ramp in the park.

Here, spring is the best time to go fishing, but some visitors also enjoy boating and skiing in the fall. At Blue Hole, you’ll get bass, muskellunge, bluegill, walleye, crappie, and catfish.


The launch ramp on Center Hill Lake, as well as other nearby ramps on the Caney Fork and Collins River, provides excellent recreational boating opportunities. Whitewater kayaking is popular on Rock Island, which has held international freestyle kayaking competitions. Some portions of the park are only suitable for experienced whitewater kayakers or canoeists and are potentially hazardous.

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Island State Park

Is Rock Island open to the public?

The park is open, however all visitors should be aware of the following information: The park is seeing a lot of visitors. Please do not park by the side of the road or in undesignated places. Please try visiting another state park in the region if the park is full.

Can I bring my dog to Rock Island State Park?

It’s good news for you, Dogs are welcome at Rock Island State Park Campground, but they must be kept on a 6-foot leash when outside your car. If you’re seeking, you browse through all of Washington Island’s pet-friendly campsites and RV parks.

How Safe Is Rock Island?

In Rock Island, the chances of becoming a victim of violent or property crime are 1 in 37. According to FBI crime statistics, Rock Island is not one of America’s safest cities. In comparison to the rest of Illinois, Rock Island has a higher crime rate than 87 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

It is highly recommended that you wear a life jacket, don’t swim alone and never just jump right in under water, logs rocks or other debris can cause serious injuries or even death.

How Safe Is Rock Island?

I hope now you know all about the Rock Island State Park Hiking area and the campground map best. You can enjoy here its beautiful waterfalls and nature. Also, enjoy magnificent camping and fishing.

If you want to know more about Rock Island State Park (Tennessee Park) then feel free to comment me in the bellow. Thanks.

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