+100 Sea Animals Names in English

Hi animal lovers. Did you know that there are about one million species of animals that live in the ocean? Are you interested in learning about Sea Animals Names? Let’s start….

Sea animals are some of the most unique and fascinating creatures in the world. They live in oceans, seas, and other bodies of water, and they have evolved to survive in different ways.

Some sea animals are small, while others are huge. Some are fast swimmers, while others are slow swimmers. But no matter what their size or speed, they all have one thing in common- they’re amazing creatures that deserve our attention!

Learn about different types underwater Animals Names. Sea animals are also called underwater animals, Aquatic Animals, marine creatures, Ocean Animals, or sea creatures.

List of Water, Ocean, and Sea Animals Name

100 sea animals
100 sea animals Name
  1. Octopus
  2. Dolphin
  3. Sea Turtle
  4. Jellyfish
  5. Squid
  6. Shark
  7. Clown Fish
  8. Blue Tang
  9. Humpback Whale
  10. Killer Whale
  11. Whale Shark
  12. Penguin
  13. Seahorse
  14. Sting Ray
  15. Lobster
  16. Hermit Crab
  17. Manta Ray
  18. Crab
  19. Seal
  20. Beluga Whale
  21. Great White Shark
  22. Manatee
  23. Eel
  24. Cuttlefish
  25. Narwhal
  26. Porcupine Fish
  27. Axolotl
  28. Moorish Idol
  29. Swordfish
  30. Sawfish
  31. Sea Lion
  32. Walrus
  33. Shrimp
  34. Sea Urchin
  35. Starfish
  36. Clams
  37. Sea Otter
  38. Zebra Shark
  39. Garden Eel
  40. Leafy Sea Dragon
  41. Barracuda
  42. Flounder
  43. Banner Fish
  44. Elephant Seal
  45. Lionfish
  46. Queen Parrotfish
  47. GuitarFish
  48. Butterflyfish
  49. Anglerfish
  50. Spider Crab
  51. Batfish
  52. Crocodile Fish
  53. Stone Fish
  54. Boxfish
  55. Blue Marlin
  56. Nautilus
  57. Sea Slug
  58. Sunfish
  59. Sea Snake
  60. Oyster
  61. White Tip Shark
  62. Plankton
  63. Polar Bear
  64. Yellow Tang
  65. Yellowfin Tuna
  66. Rockfish
  67. Tiger Shark
  68. Eagle Ray
  69. Conch
  70. Pacific Halibut
  71. Scorpion Fish
  72. Pilot Whale
  73. Cowfish
  74. Horseshoe Crab
  75. Mussels
  76. Flying Fish
  77. Basking Shark
  78. Black Tip Shark
  79. Herring
  80. Nurse Shark
  81. Haddock
  82. Hammerhead Shark
  83. X-ray Fish
  84. Sea Snail
  85. Striped Sea Catfish
  86. Sperm Whale
  87. Unicorn Fish
  88. Needlefish
  89. Sardines
  90. Fugu
  91. Wrasse Fish
  92. Jackfish
  93. Mackerel
  94. Glass Fish
  95. Goby Fish
  96. BigEye Fish
  97. Zebra Turkey Fish
  98. Night Fish
  99. Atlantic Salmon
  100. King Crab

List of Ocean Animals A-Z

100 Sea Animals Names in English List
100 Aquatic Animals Names in English List

Learn about the species that live in the sea and beyond. From marine animals like dolphins, orcas, and blue whales to sea critters on the coral reefs and ocean floor, marine life contains some of the most diverse habitats on the planet.

We cover –

  • The Atlantic Ocean,
  • The Pacific Ocean,
  • The Mediterranean Sea,
  • The Caribbean Sea,
  • The Arctic Ocean,

and many other bodies of water. We study a variety of aquatic organisms, including crustaceans, sea turtles, sharks, jellyfish, and some of the ocean’s largest creatures.

BBarreleye Fish
Beluga Whale
Bioluminescent Octopus
Blue Glaucus
Blue Whale
Blue-ringed Octopus
Bonnethead Shark
Bottlenose Dolphin
Box Jellyfish
CChristmas Tree Worm
Cookie Cutter Shark
Dumbo Octopus
FFrilled Shark
GGhost Shark
Giant Isopod
Glass Octopus
Goblin Shark
Granrojo Jellyfish
Great Auk
Green Turtle
Leopard Shark
Megamouth Shark
Mimic Octopus
Nurse Shark
RRainbow Shark
Red Jamaican Crab
Salmon Shark
Sperm Whale
TTiger Shark
VVampire Squid
List of Water, Ocean, and Sea Animals Name A-Z

In conclusion, these creatures are amazing and deserve our attention! We should respect and learn more about them to help conserve their habitats. Let’s protect these creatures and continue to learn about them so that we can enjoy their beauty and uniqueness for years to come!

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