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75 Engaging This or That Questions for Couples

When it comes to deepening the bond and understanding between couples, sometimes the simplest activities can create the most profound connections. 

One such activity is the classic game of “This or That.” By asking each other a series of “This or That” questions, you can learn more about your partner’s preferences, values, and personality quirks in a fun and interactive way.

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To help you and your partner embark on this journey of discovery, here are 75 thought-provoking “This or That” questions tailored for couples:

This or That Questions for Couples

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  1.  Love notes or surprise gifts?
  1. Sunrise or sunset?
  1. Movie night in or dinner date out?
  1. Cook together or order takeout?
  1. Beach vacation or mountain getaway?
  1. Early bird or night owl?
  1. Board game night or movie marathon?
  1. City life or countryside retreat?
  1. Adventure sports or cozy nights in?
  1. Chocolate or vanilla?
  1. Coffee or tea?
  1. Camping under the stars or luxury hotel stay?
  1. Comedy club or live music concert?
  1. Bookstore browsing or online shopping?
  1. Hiking or biking?
  1. Sweet or savory?
  1. Travel the world or stay rooted in one place?
  1. Road trip or flight?
  1. Summer or winter?
  1. Dancing in the rain or cuddling by the fire?
  1. Movie theater or Netflix at home?
  1. Spa day or outdoor adventure?
  1. Fancy dinner out or homemade meal cooked together?
  1. Board games or card games?
  1. Dogs or cats?
  1. Thrift store treasures or designer splurges?
  1. Picnic in the park or dinner at a fancy restaurant?
  1.  Museum visit or art gallery stroll?
  1.  Rollercoaster ride or Ferris wheel?
  1. Breakfast in bed or brunch out?
  1. Sunset picnic or sunrise yoga?
  1.  Phone call or handwritten letter?
  1. Star-gazing or cloud-watching?
  1. W*ine tasting or b*eer tasting?
  1. Adventure movie or romantic comedy?
  1.  Skiing or snowboarding?
  1. Rainy day cuddles or sunny day adventures?
  1. Arcade games or karaoke night?
  1. Classic love songs or modern hits?
  1.  Plant a garden or cook a new recipe together?
  1. DIY project or professional help?
  1. Ice cream cone or milkshake?
  1. Country music or hip-hop?
  1. Weekend getaway or staycation?
  1. Candlelit dinner or outdoor barbecue?
  1.  Wine and cheese tasting or chocolate tasting?
  1.  Amusement park or water park?
  1. Attend a sports game or a theater performance?
  1. Beach volleyball or beach reading?
  1. Drive-in movie or outdoor concert?
  1. Sunset sail or hot air balloon ride?
  1. Potluck dinner with friends or romantic dinner for two?
  1. Visit a historical landmark or explore a new city?
  1. Horseback riding or kayaking?
  1. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  1. Go-kart racing or mini-golf?
  1. Volunteer together or start a hobby together?
  1. Arcade games or virtual reality gaming?
  1. Binge-watch a TV series or start a book club?
  1. W*ine and painting night or pottery class?
  1. Ghost tour or wine tour?
  1. Hot tub soak or pool day?
  1. Visit a zoo or aquarium?
  1. Home movie night or outdoor movie screening?
  1. Visit a botanical garden or attend a music festival?
  1. Visit a theme park or go on a wine tour?
  1. Attend a cooking class or dance class?
  1. Take a scenic train ride or a helicopter tour?
  1.  Play a sport together or watch a live sports game?
  1. Attend a costume party or a masquerade ball?
  1. Explore a new cuisine or cook a traditional dish?
  1. Go on a photography walk or paint together?
  1.  Attend a comedy show or a poetry reading?
  1.  Have a romantic picnic or a rooftop dinner?
  1. Take a spontaneous road trip or plan a detailed itinerary?

Whether you’re newly in love or have been together for years, these “This or That” questions are sure to spark laughter, conversation, and maybe even a few surprises.

 So, grab your partner’s hand, delve into these questions, and enjoy the journey of getting to know each other even better. After all, the magic of love lies in the small moments shared together.

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