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101 Fun and Flirty “This or That” Questions for Your Girlfriend

When it comes to spending quality time with your girlfriend, sometimes the simplest activities can create the most magical moments. 

One such activity is playing the classic game of “This or That.” Not only is it a great way to learn more about each other, but it also encourages laughter, sparks conversation, and deepens your connection.

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So, if you’re looking for some fun and flirty questions to ask your girlfriend, look no further! Here are 101 exciting “This or That” questions to keep the sparks flying:

101 This or That Questions for Your Girlfriend

  1. Breakfast in bed or brunch at a café?
  1. Movie night in or dinner date out?
  1. Roses or sunflowers?
  1. Chocolate or strawberries?
  1. Comedy club or live music concert?
  1. Beach vacation or mountain getaway?
  1. Sneakers or high heels?
  1. Dancing in the rain or cuddling by the fire?
  1. Texting or talking on the phone?
  1. Sunset picnic or sunrise hike?
  1. Sweet kisses or passionate hugs?
  1. Adventure sports or cozy nights in?
  1. Candlelit dinner or starlit rooftop?
  1. Cooking together or ordering takeout?
  1. Roller Coaster ride or Ferris wheel spin?
  1. Stargazing or cloudwatching?
  1. Long walks on the beach or hikes in the forest?
  1. Romantic comedy or action-packed thriller?
  1. DIY spa day or professional massage?
  1. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  1. Board games or card games?
  1. Snowball fight or water balloon fight?
  1. Wine tasting or craft beer brewery tour?
  1. Picnic in the park or brunch in a botanical garden?
  1. Sunset sail or hot air balloon ride?
  1. Horseback riding or bike riding?
  1. Serenade with a love song or write a love letter?
  1. Morning person or night owl?
  1. Camping under the stars or glamping in luxury?
  1. Art museum or sculpture garden?

Fun This or That Questions for Your Girlfriend

  1. Bath bombs or bubble bath?
  1. Shopping spree or thrift store treasure hunt?
  1. Breakfast smoothie or brunch mimosa?
  1. Roller skating or ice skating?
  1. Travel abroad or road trip adventure?
  1. Cupcakes or macarons?
  1. Comedy roast or heartfelt speech?
  1. Salsa dancing or swing dancing?
  1. Bookstore browsing or online book shopping?
  1. Yoga class or meditation session?
  1. Indoor picnic or outdoor barbecue?
  1. Indoor rock climbing or outdoor rock climbing?
  1. Build a fort with blankets or build a sandcastle?
  1. Spa day or movie marathon?
  1. Polaroid camera or smartphone camera?
  1. Romantic dinner cruise or candlelit dinner at home?
  1. Plant a garden together or adopt a pet together?
  1. Try a new cuisine or cook a traditional dish?
  1. Sunset paddleboarding or sunrise kayaking?
  1. Hot chocolate or iced coffee?
  1. Comedy show or magic show?
  1. Visit a zoo or aquarium?
  1. Poetry reading or stand-up comedy?
  1. Horse-drawn carriage ride or gondola ride?
  1. Virtual reality gaming or arcade games?
  1. Attend a cooking class or wine tasting event?
  1. Paint and sip night or pottery painting workshop?
  1. Attend a live theater performance or musical?
  1. Snuggle under a blanket or dance in the rain?
  1. Attend a music festival or food festival?
  1. Rollerblading or skateboarding?
  1. Indoor skydiving or bungee jumping?
  1. Take a dance class together or learn a new instrument?
  1. Attend a rooftop party or beach bonfire?
  1. Write a love poem together or create a scrapbook?
  1. Take a scenic train ride or go on a hot air balloon ride?
  1. Have a DIY spa day at home or book a spa weekend?
  1. Visit a theme park or water park?
  1. Visit a botanical garden or butterfly garden?
  1. Attend a TED talk or motivational seminar?
  1. Indoor trampoline park or outdoor zip-lining?
  1. Visit a pumpkin patch or go apple picking?
  1. Go to a farmers’ market or attend a cooking class?
  1. Have a picnic in the rain or a picnic under the stars?
  1. Visit a haunted house or go on a ghost tour?
  1. Go on a helicopter tour or ride in a limousine?
  1. Watch the sunrise together or watch the sunset?
  1. Have a pillow fight or build a pillow fort?
  1. Attend a food truck festival or carnival?
  1. Play mini-golf or go-kart racing?
  1. Have a DIY pizza night or make homemade ice cream?
  1. Attend a live sports game or play a sport together?
  1. Visit a historical landmark or explore a new city?
  1. Have a movie marathon or play video games?
  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride or visit a planetarium?
  1. Take a hot air balloon ride or go horseback riding?
  1. Attend a chocolate festival or wine and cheese tasting?
  1. Have a picnic at the beach or a picnic in the mountains?
  1. Play laser tag or paintball?
  1. Have a DIY spa day or book a couples massage?
  1. Visit a museum or go to an art gallery?
  1. Go on a scenic drive or go on a hike?
  1. Watch the stars or watch the city lights?
  1. Have a barbecue in the backyard or go to a barbecue restaurant?
  1. Go to a drive-in movie or watch a movie at home?
  1. Have a picnic in the park or go on a picnic in the countryside?
  1. Have a game night with friends or have a romantic evening at home?
  1. Have a dinner party with friends or have a romantic dinner for two?
  1. Go to a concert or go to a music festival?
  1. Go to a zoo or go to an aquarium?
  1. Go to a theme park or go to a water park?

These 101 “This or That” questions are designed to spark conversation, laughter, and romance between you and your girlfriend.

 So, whether you’re looking for a fun date night idea or simply want to deepen your connection, grab your partner, choose your favorites, and let the fun begin! 

After all, the best relationships are built on love, laughter, and unforgettable moments shared together.

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