This or That Questions

45 Exciting “This or That” Questions for Kids to Spark Creativity and Laughter

Kids have an incredible knack for imagination and fun, and what better way to tap into that creativity than with a classic game of “This or That”? 

“This or that” questions are a form of inquiry where you present two options and ask the respondent to choose between them.

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This simple yet engaging game not only provides hours of entertainment but also encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills in a playful manner. 

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So, if you’re looking for some fun and interactive questions to keep the little ones entertained, here are 45 “This or That” questions specially crafted for kids:

Fun This or That Questions for Kids

  1. Pizza or pasta?
  1. Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?
  1. Superheroes or princesses?
  1. Swimming pool or playground?
  1. Camping in the backyard or a sleepover indoors?
  1. Dragons or unicorns?
  1. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  1. Drawing with crayons or painting with watercolors?
  1. Flying on a magic carpet or sailing on a pirate ship?
  1. Zoo or aquarium?
  1. Building sandcastles or jumping in puddles?
  1. Fruit salad or vegetable sticks?
  1. Playing hide-and-seek or tag?
  1. Riding a bike or scooting on a skateboard?
  1. Storytime with mom or storytime with dad?
  1. Fairy tales or space adventures?
  1. Camping in the mountains or camping by the beach?
  1. Picnic in the park or picnic in the backyard?
  1. Playing dress-up or playing with action figures?
  1. Baking cookies or making popsicles?

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  1. Rainbows or lightning bolts?
  1. Going on a treasure hunt or solving a mystery?
  1. Bubble bath or bubble blowing?
  1. Camping in a tent or camping in a treehouse?
  1. Roller skating or ice skating?
  1. Building a fort with blankets or building a castle with blocks?
  1. Snuggling with a teddy bear or cuddling with a pet?
  1. Watching cartoons or playing video games?
  1. Riding a horse or riding a unicorn?
  1. Making a snowman or building a sandcastle?
  1. Playing with Play-Doh or molding with clay?
  1. Indoor scavenger hunt or outdoor scavenger hunt?
  1. Having a tea party or hosting a teddy bear picnic?
  1. Planting flowers or growing vegetables?
  1. Jumping in leaf piles or splashing in rain puddles?
  1. Riding a roller coaster or going on a merry-go-round?
  1. Going on a safari or exploring outer space?
  1. Having a pillow fight or playing with balloons?
  1. Making paper airplanes or origami animals?
  1. Climbing trees or climbing jungle gyms?
  1. Having a magic wand or having a cape?
  2. Playing with LEGOs or building blocks?
  1. Going to a petting zoo or visiting a farm?
  1. Playing with slime or playing with kinetic sand?
  1. Having a dance party or hosting a karaoke night?

These “This or That” questions are sure to ignite laughter, spark imagination, and create memorable moments for kids of all ages. 

So, gather around, ask away, and let the adventure begin! After all, the joy of childhood lies in the simple pleasures of play and exploration.

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