This or That Questions

75 Dynamic “This or That” Questions for Best Friends

Best friends share a unique bond filled with laughter, support, and unforgettable memories. 

Whether you’ve known each other for years or recently connected, one of the best ways to strengthen your friendship is by engaging in fun and thought-provoking activities together.

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And what better activity than playing a lively game of “This or That”? To help you and your best friend dive into an adventure of laughter and discovery, here are 75 dynamic “This or That” questions tailor-made for best friends:

This or That Questions for Best Friends

  1. Pancakes or waffles?
  1. Movie marathon or TV series binge-watch?
  1. Beach day or pool party?
  1. Pizza delivery or homemade pizza?
  1. Sunrise hike or sunset picnic?
  1. Coffee shop hangout or ice cream parlor visit?
  1. Road trip adventure or international travel?
  1. Summer BBQ or winter bonfire?
  1. Karaoke night or game night?
  1. City exploration or countryside retreat?
  1. Shopping spree or thrift store treasure hunt?
  1. Movie theater popcorn or homemade popcorn?
  1. Book club or movie club?
  1. DIY spa day or professional massage?
  1. Dancing in the rain or singing in the shower?
  1. Picnic in the park or brunch in a café?
  1. Rollercoaster ride or Ferris wheel spin?
  1. Stargazing or cloud watching?
  1. Comedy show or live music concert?
  1. Staycation or luxury hotel stay?
  1. Instagram-worthy photoshoot or candid snapshots?
  1. Yoga class or Zumba session?
  1. Sledding in winter or swimming in summer?
  1. Painting class or pottery workshop?
  1. Cupcake baking or cookie decorating?
  1. Museum visit or art gallery stroll?
  1. Trivia night or escape room challenge?
  1. Hot air balloon ride or helicopter tour?
  1. Spa day or adventure sports?
  1. Taco Tuesday or sushi night?
  1. Planting a garden or adopting a pet?
  1. Scavenger hunt or geocaching?
  1. DIY home décor or furniture shopping?
  1. Attend a sports game or attend a theater performance?
  1. Hiking in the mountains or cycling by the lake?
  1. Photography walk or nature hike?
  1. Visit a zoo or aquarium?
  1. Volunteer together or start a charity initiative?
  1. Wine tasting or craft beer brewery tour?
  1. Boat cruise or kayaking adventure?
  1. Cooking competition or bake-off challenge?
  1. Picnic in a vineyard or wine tasting tour?
  1. Roadside diner or fancy restaurant?
  1. Ghost tour or haunted house visit?
  1. Host a themed party or attend a costume ball?
  1. Attend a music festival or attend a food festival?
  1. Sunset sail or sunrise paddle boarding?
  1. Poetry reading or stand-up comedy show?
  1. Take a dance class or learn a new instrument?
  1. Attend a cooking class or sushi-making workshop?
  1. Indoor rock climbing or outdoor zip-lining?
  1. Attend a TED talk or motivational seminar?
  1. Horseback riding or ATV adventure?
  1. Indoor skydiving or bungee jumping?
  1. Visit a historical landmark or explore a new city?
  1. Attend a film festival or comic-con?
  1. Indoor trampoline park or outdoor obstacle course?
  1. Ice skating or rollerblading?
  1. Attend a cultural festival or international food fair?
  1. Camping in the wilderness or glamping in luxury?
  1. Attend a theater play or improv comedy show?
  1. Explore a farmer’s market or visit a botanical garden?
  1. Indoor ice cream parlor or outdoor gelato stand?
  1. Attend a rooftop party or beach bonfire?
  1. Take a cooking class together or try a new cuisine?
  1. Have a picnic in the rain or a picnic under the stars?
  1. Attend a pottery painting workshop or a glass-blowing class?
  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride or a horse-drawn carriage tour?
  1. Try a new workout class together or go for a scenic hike?
  1. Take a scenic train ride or rent a convertible for a road trip?
  1. Try a new cuisine or cook a traditional dish from your culture?
  1. Visit a haunted house or go on a haunted hayride?
  1. Have a DIY spa day at home or book a day at a luxury spa?
  1. Explore an outdoor farmers’ market or visit an indoor flea market?
  1. Go on a bike tour of your city or take a Segway tour of a nearby town?

These “This or That” questions are designed to inspire laughter, spark conversation, and deepen the bond between best friends. 

So, grab your bestie, choose your favorites, and embark on a journey of fun and friendship! After all, the best moments in life are the ones shared with those who mean the most.

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